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Organizations need to think of the revenue cycle in healthcare as something beyond numbers and more as everything that occurs from that first initial contact with the physician, through a patient’s hospital stay, all the clinical events that may cause charges to fall, and then the components of getting the documentation in place to be able to verify and prove you did what you said you did. This also includes making sure you’re appropriately reimbursed for the great care you provided your patient. Every step is important, and each step represents a piece that leads to an effective revenue cycle. Successful and profitable healthcare institutions often have a firm grasp on all those individual steps, including visibility into the revenue cycle as a whole.

To help you better understand the whole picture of your revenue cycle, check out the blogs below. If you have any questions please fell free to reach out.

600-RC-Blog-iS153167636-2 Revenue Cycle Readiness: Looking Beyond the Numbers
It’s easy to get lost in the numbers within the healthcare industry, but by understanding the total revenue cycle and achieving revenue cycle readiness by looking past the numbers, healthcare organizations can take great strides in safeguarding and growing their revenue stream.

600-RC-Blog-Top 3 Goals-1200px Top Three Goals Behind Revenue Cycle Optimization and Risk Mitigation
Hospitals and healthcare providers struggle to manage expenses and make the right investments to help lower costs and improve the quality of patient care. Optimizing the management of your revenue cycle from the start can help your healthcare organization better recoup every dollar spent on healthcare services rendered.

RevCycle June17

Meeting the Challenges of the Revenue Cycle
Understanding and optimizing the revenue cycle is not easy. There are so many activities and steps pertaining to all administrative and clinical functions within healthcare, that the ability to capture, manage, and collect patient service revenue can seem daunting.


Jeff Tennant has over 25 years of Information Technology experience, including 15 years in Revenue Cycle consulting and leadership experience resulting in millions of dollars of improvement for health systems and other industries. Jeff has led numerous strategic revenue cycle engagements through his past roles as Hospital CIO, strategic revenue cycle consultant, and global solution leader for Revenue cycle consulting. Jeff and team brings real world experience, along with the benefit of numerous engagements helping others with best practices, and lessons learned to each engagement. Jeff is currently a member of HIMSS Revenue Cycle Task Force and has presented at HIMSS National conference (Revenue Cycle Solutions center), Arab Health Conference, HFMA Events, WEDI, AHIMA, State and regional HIMSS meetings.