White Paper

From Good to Great: Strategic EHR Optimization Can Get You There

From-Good-to-Great-EHR-Optimization-white-paper-cover.pngElectronic health records (EHRs) are widely implemented and have already brought a bounty of benefits, but healthcare leaders are seeking greater returns and benefits from technology. To realize the clinical, operational, and financial promise associated with EHRs, healthcare organizations need to do more than simply getting the solution up and running. Taking a strategic approach to optimization while anticipating the many challenges that could potentially stall efforts can help organizations move beyond the initial benefits achieved with EHRs.

Read the white paper to:

  • Gain a holistic approach to look beyond technology enhancements and consider how people, process, and policies result in optimization
  • Understand common challenges associated with EHRs and how to combat these challenges
  • Learn to leverage EHRs to bring about the performance improvements that will lead to improved care and enhanced patient satisfaction

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