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What the Modern Healthcare Organization Needs from the CIO


Who relies the most on IT in the healthcare world? We now have research based on the review of IT strategies in multiple organizations of varying sizes and complexity across the nation. These surveys utilized a “Voice of the Customer” interview process to get a broad representation of stakeholders dependent on IT services. Despite the geographic and organizational heterogeneity, it was found that there are common themes of governance, collaboration, services, and strategy that apply across all organizations. These all relate what each organization needs from the CIO of the future.

The role of the CIO is changing in healthcare organizations from the historically technical role to a partnership with clinical, operational, and financial stakeholders. This presentation seeks to distill these findings into a set of guiding principles that CIOs can use to transform their approaches to leadership as well as improve their organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline how to develop a roadmap that promotes IT alignment within an organization
  • Discuss how to remain relevant as the healthcare landscape changes
  • Illustrate the importance of IT for C-Suite executives
  • Identify common organizational IT needs

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