Case Study

Ridgeview Medical Center:
How Reducing Account Receivable Days Led to $5 Million in Revenue


Ridgeview-Medical-Center-how-reducing-account-receivable-cover.pngRidgeview Medical Center and Clinics, one of the few remaining independent health care systems in Minnesota, responds to local and community needs through innovative care, cutting-edge service, and partnerships with leading specialists. With continued expansion of hospital, ambulatory care, and clinic services, Ridgeview’s accounts receivable days were heading into the high 60s with more than 50 percent of claims failing first-round edits. Claim denials were escalating, compounded by the common challenge of limited resources to address resolution. Like many organizations seeing a shift in business mix, Ridgeview was faced with adapting to the new healthcare economy without the necessary tools, systems, and processes to ensure success. Ridgeview’s leadership developed a plan to address the situation and engaged Leidos Health to assist.


Learn how Ridgeview Medical Center and Leidos Health worked together to:

  • Redefine clinic registration processes, tools, and technology
  • Realign hospital business office staff and workflow
  • Realign workflow to ensure communication across the revenue cycle
  • Reduce account receivable days which led to $5 million in revenue!

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