Clinical Optimization

Where will you drive healthcare performance improvements?

Improvements to clinical workflows and technologies can dramatically reduce costs and optimize patient care. We can help you realize these improvements.


Finding opportunities to improve sometimes requires a different perspective.

To improve performance, which workflows should you redesign or eliminate all together? This can be an overwhelming task for an often overworked internal team. Utilize our clinical optimization services for an objective set of eyes on your clinical performance. Our experienced consultants will handle the heavy lifting — collect and analyze clinical data, conduct high level process reviews, and interview clinical staff – to quickly identify optimal improvements that will save time and money.

Your doctors and clinical staff want to deliver the best care possible, but sometimes overly complex workflows and underutilization of technology can get in the way. Let Leidos Health help you find the optimal clinical performance improvements for your organization.

Optimizing your clinical operations can:

  • Improve EHR system utilization
  • Reduce the number of steps to perform certain processes
  • Support quality reporting initiatives
  • Better leverage software and healthcare technologies
  • Streamline the transition between care environments
  • Reduce costs as well as resource, labor, and supply requirements
  • Increase patient capacity

Creating Clinical Value: 4 Steps to Drive Change And Improve Care


Our consultants average more than 15 years of healthcare operations and IT experience.

Put our clinical optimization experience to work for you.