IT Health Check

How’s your IT health?

If your IT systems, projects, policies, or procedures keep you from achieving your goals, use our IT Health Check to identify issues and get back on track.


Will your IT get you to where you need to be?

Today’s healthcare organizations are expected to do more with fewer resources. Yet hospitals and health systems, in their quest to be more efficient, often fail to holistically evaluate their IT health to ensure that what they have is helping them reach their clinical and financial goals. Our holistic IT Health Check provides forward-looking healthcare leaders with a comprehensive understanding of their IT environment and a targeted action plan to optimize their organization.

Our IT Health Check will help you:
  • Identify and plan resource consumption
  • Prioritize IT projects and resources
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Establish effective policies and procedures
  • Improve resource bandwidth
  • Reduce ongoing costs to maintain systems
  • Prepare for change


A holistic approach to help plan for the future.

Organizations facing an increasing scope of services with decreasing capacity should consider how their IT environment can be configured to help achieve the organization’s broader long-range objectives. Let our Leidos Health team, comprised of healthcare industry veterans and former C-level leaders, help you evaluate and optimize your IT. We can work with you on:

Healthcare IT Operations Discovery

IT Operations

Healthcare Governance and Strategy Development

Governance & Strategy Development

Healthcare Staffing & Organizational Planning

Staffing & Organizational Planning

Health IT Technology Enhancements

Technology Enhancements


IT Operations Discovery

Evaluating your IT Health Check should begin with an inventory of your active assets and projects. It is not uncommon to discover an organization’s portfolio includes hundreds of applications—including some redundant, rarely used, or unnecessary solutions. Similarly, we may uncover projects with overlapping, competing, or obsolete purposes. This important step gives your leadership a clear understanding of the time and resources spent servicing applications and managing projects.

Governance and Strategy Development

Are your IT policies and procedures helping or hindering the IT department, and the organization as a whole? It’s not unusual to find misalignment between IT and leadership’s published vision and long-range roadmap. We can assist you with prioritizing projects that actively support the organization’s broader clinical and financial objectives. We also work with leadership to establish an effective governance and project management process to ensure that resources are used efficiently and projects are completed on time.

Staffing and Organizational Planning

To understand the true costs of IT applications and projects we consider all necessary supporting full-time equivalent (FTE) staff and other resources. We then compare resource demands against enterprise-wide goals to better refine allocation and create significant cost savings. Organizations can also benchmark their resource use against comparable institutions to determine adequate FTE levels and how it affects the bottom line. Prioritizing and understanding resource requirements can avoid massive and costly fluctuations in FTE needs.

Technology Enhancements

Once efficiencies in operations and staffing are identified and plans are set in motion, we can evaluate your technology needs. We look closely at how you’re addressing challenges such as mobile technologies, IoT, data access, cybersecurity, and compliance requirements. No matter which approach your organization chooses, we help you align your decisions with the newly designed IT governance and decision-making frameworks.


Achieve Broader Strategic Goals by Evaluating and Optimizing IT

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We can help you evaluate and optimize your IT health.

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