Health IT Strategy

Be confident your technology will meet your needs today, and tomorrow.

With the right IT strategy in place, you ensure your technology will keep pace with business demands and industry changes.


Harness healthcare IT to lower costs, keep pace with change and enhance quality of care.

Information technology is the backbone of today’s healthcare enterprise. But to ensure your technology expenditures will meet current and future needs requires thoughtful strategic planning.

An effective IT strategy:

  • Aligns to an organization’s broader objectives.
  • Meets the strategic and operational needs of the entire enterprise.
  • Captures an organization’s current state and future vision.
  • Details technology initiatives needed to achieve the future vision.
  • Establishes a foundation to meet the future challenges of healthcare reform.

Your IT strategy is key to your organization’s success. Let Leidos Health help you build a strategic plan that is holistic, pragmatic and sustainable.

What’s Your Strategic Vision?

Below are ways technology has enabled real success for healthcare organizations.

  • Streamline processes and improve communications between systems.
  • Create better clinical documentation.
  • Monitor workflow performance.
  • Implement flexible structures, functions and processes.
  • Provide secure connectivity to trading partners regardless of location or application in use.
  • Utilize physician, patient and other data to identify trends and performance issues.
  • Automatically translate and send data between departments or external locations.
  • Automate financial data to streamline processing time and accelerate payments.


A strategic approach to IT strategy and business planning.

Find the best way to achieve greater business value from your IT investment. Our strategic IT advisors offer extensive healthcare IT business and technical experience to help plan, organize, and optimize your technology. Using our IT Strategy approach, we:

Evaluate and Optimize Your Technology
Whether you’re stabilizing, addressing a specific problem, or ready to extend the use of a current system, Leidos Health brings experienced talent and proven methodologies to evaluate your current technologies and recommend areas for improvement. We focus not only on needed IT initiatives, but on the impact those initiatives may have on your people, processes, workflows, and patients.

Align Your Initiatives
Working alongside your stakeholders and staff, our team of experienced healthcare IT consultants align your technology and organizational strategy and create an actionable roadmap for future technology decisions.

Develop Your IT Structures
By applying national standards and industry best practices, we develop your IT departmental structures and functionality.

Leverage Your Investments
Using sophisticated planning models, we analyze each proposed IT investment, calculating total cost of ownership and the potential return on investment timeline. 

Partner with us on your IT strategy plan.

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