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Which technologies will drive your vision?

As your health system evolves, Leidos Health can help you plan, select, implement, and optimize the technologies that best align with your vision.


Supporting healthcare delivery with technology.

Compared to other industries, healthcare has been relatively slow to adopt technological innovations. But the explosion in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, and virtual reality, coupled with a growing demand for technology to support the patient experience, are driving organizations to rethink technology’s strategic impact. 

Already mobile apps, advances in home and self-monitoring devices, and telemedicine services have begun to impact business models, operations, and workforce needs, forcing health systems to decide whether to partner, adopt, or compete with these new entities and models.

Advancing your overall goal and mission.

Despite spending millions of dollars on Healthcare Information Technology Solutions (HIT) to improve care and performance, your organization may still be asking itself:

  • Are these systems being fully utilized?
  • Are we working with inefficient assets?
  • Does our IT team have adequate skills to advance our use of technology?
  • Is training and support enough to foster physician adoption?
  • Are we connecting operations to our strategy?
  • Do we have a clear picture of our entire IT portfolio?
  • Will our network support new technologies?

Our team of experienced clinicians, strategy, operations, and technology professionals understand today’s health care drivers. Using their deep healthcare and health IT knowledge, they work with you to help you stay focused on moving toward your strategic goals. That you invest in new technologies systematically, deploy capital effectively, and use resources efficiently.

Explore how Leidos Health services can help you use technology to build new capabilities, transform your organization, and improve the patient experience.


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